Rediscover a World of Sound with The Hearing & Balance Center, Inc. 

Join us for a free and educational event to learn about hearing loss and implantable solutions 


If your hearing aids are no longer enough, attend this free event to learn if an implantable hearing solution is right for you and meet Cochlear hearing implant users, doctors, and audiologists. Unlike hearing aids, most hearing implants may be covered by Medicare. They may also be covered by many insurance plans and typically Medicare*

Featuring special guests: Dr. Nadler, Dr. McPheron, and Dr. Russell

During this time, we will: 

  • Talk about the differences between hearing aids and hearing implants
  • Help you set expectations for each part of your journey (initial evaluation to activation and hearing therapy)
  • Address frequently asked insurance questions Hear a recipient share their journey and experience with their implant


Date: Thursday, May 19, 2022

Time: 9:00AM-11:00AM EST

Location: Hearing and Balance Center, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Address: 545 W Market St. Lima, OH 45801


To register call (419) 222-9010 or email [email protected]